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Tips for Designing an Effective Sign; 

The Four Major Components of a Effective Sign

There are important components in the successful production of an effective sign. Your materials, message, use of color, and design contribute to making great effective signs.

Effective Signs Just Give the Facts

An effective sign is not a business card. Keep your message simple and to the point. An effective business sign may only need the business name or logo, to effectively let your customer know he has arrived at your place of business. A billboard or advertisement type sign needs to contain more information. It is used to let a potential customer know what your business does, and how to contact you. Other types of signs offer immediate information; Enter, Exit, Private, and Welcome. Effective signs are focused signs that get the main points across.

What is the Best Material for A Long Lasting Effective Sign?

Materials contribute to the longevity of your sign. Short-term signage can be made from inexpensive materials such as coroplast, vinyl banners, or mdo plywood. Longer lasting effective signs can be made from vinyl graphics on paint grade redwood, fiberglass, and aluminum. For long-term long lasting signs a substrate must be used that will last longer than the paint or vinyl used on the sign. Redwood has a high resistance to rot. Redwood also resists harsh weather conditions. Sandblasted redwood signs offer stability and longevity in the sign industry.

Think About the Contrast and Color to Keep Your Sign Effective
The use of color in effective signs has to be carefully thought out. Too much color may be too busy. Not enough color may be too bland. Each sign is unique in the amount of color needed. The biggest factor is contrast, without contrast your message cannot be read.

How to Make Your Sign Demand Attention!
The most important factor in an effective sign is design. Your design must make a powerful statement. It must grab the customer's eye and scream look at me. The message will get lost in a cluttered design. Too much information will turn away a prospective reader. A design can be read, and understood a quick glance will create the most effective sign.

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